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Appleton Greene & Co has an excellent global team of qualified, experienced and intuitive people, including consultants, professors, learning providers and service support assistants.

Certified Learning Providers (CLP)
Appleton Greene & Co accredited learning providers are responsible for developing and implementing standard and bespoke corporate training programs and for facilitating the implementation of business processes within clients’ organizations. Our accredited learning providers develop and implement standard and bespoke corporate training programs based upon their own skills, knowledge and experience and outsource to our consultants as and when they need to.

Appleton Greene & Co

Standard programs
The preference for most clients is to purchase standard programs, if they are available. The reason for this is that nobody wants to incur the time, expense and risk of reinventing the wheel, if it has in fact already been developed and successfully used. Clients will always prefer to buy something that is already established, particularly if the purpose of the program is to implement a business process within their organization. The risk is always much lower if the business process has already been tried and tested. We appreciate this at Appleton Greene, but standard programs still need to be specific, in terms of subject matter, industry sector and geographical location. This enables clients to ensure that their program of choice is a good fit in relation to their corporate objectives. The objective here is to provide clients with as much choice as possible.

There are hundreds of standard programs that have been developed and established by Appleton Greene & Co Certified Learning Providers. These standard programs are divided between the following departments:

• Customer service
• E-business
• Finance
• Globalization
• Human resources
• Information technology
• Legal
• Management
• Marketing
• Production

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Appleton Greene & Co

Bespoke programs
At Appleton Greene & Co, we understand that no matter how many standard programs we develop, there will always be some specific client objectives, which have not yet been considered. It is also important that our corporate training programs are subject-specific, industry-specific and location-specific. In addition to these requirements, while most business processes are generic and are easily transferable across different service subjects, industries and geographical locations, some are not. Some clients may also have concerns about confidentiality if the business process incorporates knowledge which may be sensitive or could compromise their competitive advantage. Appleton Greene recognizes the importance of providing individual clients with bespoke programs as and when necessary, which will be unique to their organizations and which will be provided exclusively and in strict confidentiality.

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Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene & Co is a small, niche corporate training provider, operating on a global scale. The majority of our people work remotely from a variety of different international locations. We have accredited consultants, located in the United States, Europe, Switzerland, Canada, Middle East, Africa, India, China, Japan, Far East, Australasia, South America and the Caribbean. Our approach to global localization enables us to provide clients with a truly international service with that all important personal touch. Our consultants are located all over the world and have specialist knowledge relating to service subjects, individual commercial locations and industry sectors.

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Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene & Co learning providers are all unique individuals, hence the reason why they develop very individual programs. Learning providers tend to have a passion for the programs they develop, because each program is based upon the unique skills and experience of the individual learning providers who develop them.

Standard programs are transferable across all industry sectors and geographical locations. Clients can then identify the specific industry sector and geographical location experience, which will be necessary and the learning providers can then engage the services of Appleton Greene accredited consultants, who have this experience, in order to ensure that the programs are geared towards each individual client’s key corporate objectives.

What makes Appleton Greene standard programs unique is that they will all feature the implementation of a tangible business process, relating to the specific training program subject. This enables clients to establish clearly defined key performance indicators, relating to business process improvement, for each program.

Learning providers all need to have obtained a business-related degree and have at least 5 years management or consulting experience. In most cases learning providers will have achieved an MBA, or business-related Masters degree. Professors will have achieved a DBA or business-related Doctorate degree. They will also have successfully completed the Appleton Greene Certified Learning Provider (CLP) program in order to become an accredited learning provider. This program takes approximately two years to complete and enables Appleton Greene to facilitate the development of the learning provider’s corporate training program, over a sustainable period of time, ensuring that it meets with the required standard at Appleton Greene. Learning providers will also have the required interpersonal skills suitable for training, mentoring, motivating and supporting a client’s internal employees.

Appleton Greene & Co also implements a global client support program independently, which incorporates quality management, continuous program improvement, client feedback, program testimonials and problem resolution.

Appleton Greene & Co

Appleton Greene & Co has clients within most major industry sectors and within most major cities worldwide. They range from small to medium sized businesses to fortune 500 companies, although in the majority of cases our clients are invariably operating on a national, international, or global scale. It does not matter whether clients have a local or international team, Appleton Greene can still bring that team together to achieve a common and collective goal and facilitate the process. Business sustainability is achieved through client retention and program orders being achieved from our existing client base. We therefore understand the importance of client relationship management, continuous service improvement and the necessity to provide our clients with the widest possible choice when considering Appleton Greene standard and bespoke programs. Our clients tend to be proactive organizations which consider their most important asset to be their human resources. Business processes drive companies forward, but it is a company’s human resources which ultimately drive business processes. Executive Officers and Directors understand that shared knowledge is imperative. Knowledge transfer into tangible business processes is what really makes the difference at Appleton Greene.

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